The Way of Adventure
An Unconventional Online Course for Young People

The End

If you actually did finish all the challenges in the course, here is your opportunity to join the community of fellow graduates. 

First, a few things to know about this community:

But the most important thing to know is: It’s full of total badasses like you. Because every member has completed all the challenges of this course, documented them in an online portfolio, and made this portfolio publicly available so that other people (including people taking this course) can see what they’ve done.

This all takes a lot of courage, creativity, and time investment. Not many people will make it this far. And this is why the community is so badass.

* * *

If you’re ready to join the community, here’s what to do.

  1. Prepare your portfolio. Make it neat and organized so that we can find and verify the evidence from each challenge.
  2. Make sure your work is quality. If you slacked on some of the challenges, we’ll notice. Don’t send us a portfolio with junk in it. That misses the whole point of this course. Do quality work. We don’t care if you have imperfect spelling or your photos looks like they were taken by a 2-year-old. Just don’t half-ass it.
  3. Click here to submit your portfolio and some basic information about yourself.
  4. A community volunteer will verify your submission within a week and email you back. (This volunteer is someone just like you—a course graduate who also has a life—so please be patient!)

If you send us a complete portfolio filled with quality work, then welcome to the community! We’ll send you more details at that time.

If you send us an incomplete portfolio and/or one filled with junk, then… sorry, try again next time.

We look forward to meeting you.

* * *

Whether or not you take this final step, thanks for participating in the course.