The Way of Adventure
An Unconventional Online Course for Young People


One lesson that every adventurer must learn at some point is: you cannot do everything yourself.

In previous challenges, you’ve reached out to strangers for information and advice. In this challenge, you’ll be reaching out to a stranger to help you do a simple task—one that is easy for them to do, but would require a lot of blood, sweat, and tears if you tried to do yourself.

This is called outsourcing: paying someone to do a task that you don’t have the time or abilities to do yourself.

When a big company uses the term outsourcing, they’re typically talking about hiring an outside service that costs thousands of dollars. For this challenge, you only need $6 (USD).

Here’s how it works:

Create a free account on the website Fiverr—the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. (Note: If you sign up using this referral link, you’ll earn me $5 of Fiverr credit, which I will then use to hire helpers to improve this course website. Or just use the first link to sign up as normal.)

Browse Fiverr for a $5 gig that will help you do/make/create something that couldn’t easily do on your own. Perhaps you need a cool logo for one of your projects, and you’re no good at graphic design. Or maybe you could use some help editing something that you wrote. Browse all the Fiverr categories and you’ll see that there’s an endless number of potential helpful services.

Buy the gig (for $5 + the $1 Fiverr service fee) and share the final product on your portfolio. Congratulations, you’ve outsourced! You’ve taken the first step on the road to not trying to do everything yourself.


Blake (Jan 2017)

Maya (Feb 2017)

* * *

Optional: To take this challenge to the next level, sign up on Fiverr and offer your own service. Do paid work for at least one stranger, and share that work on your portfolio.

* * *

Consider me outsourced.