The Way of Adventure
An Unconventional Online Course for Young People

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s behind this?

Me, Blake Boles. Hi!

When was it created?

The course launched in March 2017.

Why did you build it?

Read more about why I created this course.

How long is the course? 

Doing the entire course—and doing it well—probably takes 30-60 hours. You might pull it off in a few weeks if you really prioritized it. With part-time commitment, it’s probably a few months.

Where’s the outline? How do I know what to expect?

This course is sequential. You’ve got to go through the early stuff to get to the later stuff. There’s no way to jump around. Embrace the mystery.

Where can I learn more about taking alternative / self-directed paths as a teenager or college-aged person?

Check out Off-Trail Learning, a resource website and podcast that I created.

Is it really free? Is there a trick? Are you going to sell me something?

No tricks. This course is 100% free, forever. I may offer for-profit online courses in the future, but those will be a separate venture. (Click here to stay in the loop about those.)

I’m a parent. Is this safe for my kid? 

If you trust your kid to take public transportation and talk to strangers, then yes. If no, then maybe not. But really, the kind of activities I suggest on here are way more safe and wholesome then other stuff they may find on the Internet. As with all things online, caveat emptor.

How can I contact you?

Right here.